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Dear Valued Reader,


Welcome to UIAA Enugu State Branch.


I feel delighted to extend to you a very warm welcome to the UIAA Enugu State Branch web site. You have my firm assurance that whether you are an alumnus of the University of Ibadan (i.e. Great Uite), a friend of the University or an esteemed visitor to the site, you will find it both exciting and informative. Please therefore, read on.


I am inspired by the efforts towards this Association of many alumni resident in Enugu State and its environs who have been privileged to pass through the four walls of the University of Ibadan, UI. When we as students graduated from UI, the institution announced to the world that we have been found worthy in character and learning. Thus, it conferred on us our various academic qualifications.


Consequently, we owe it as a duty to ourselves and our Alma Mater to effectively contribute to the transformation of the society through creativity, innovation and also by identifying with the VISION and MISSION of UI. We cannot fold our hands or sit idly without trying to act as agents of change by being dynamic custodians of society’s salutary values. As alumni, it is a known fact to us that among the universities in Nigeria, UI is the primus inter pares (1st among equals). This explains why as worthy ambassadors of the institution, we must come together and by our endeavours help guide others to know that “Wisdom best to service turned, help enshrine the right to learn. For a mind that knows. Is a mind that's truly free” and by so doing help to build a world that is truly free. As Great Uites, we are proud to be products of UI. But we do not need just to be proud, we need to exemplify it by actions and deeds so as to continuously enhance the reputation of our Alma Mater.


Perhaps one cannot forget the saying of a Nigerian sage which goes thus, “The reputation of a University depends, I dare say, wholly on the soundness of its teachings and on the calibre and quality of its graduates. In these two regards, the University of Ibadan has had to its credit an immense success which can be equalled but cannot be excelled…….”    (Chief Obafemi Awolowo in one of his popular and famous addresses delivered at the University of Ibadan Alumni Association Dinner party, 17th November, 1973). Such would seem to be the ingredients of which the founding fathers of this Branch where made of at the inauguration of the UIAA, old Anambra State Branch on 8th March, 1981 at the Hotel Presidential, Enugu under the distinguished chairmanship of Ichie Osita Okeke. It was this very vibrant Branch that as a result of the creation of Enugu State metamorphosed into Enugu State Branch in 1991/92 under the chairmanship of Dr. Emma C.O. Osisioma. Ever since, the Branch has kept the proverbial flag flying. The Branch meets once a month - every second Sunday of the month at 3:30pm. The meetings are mostly hosted by individual members of the Association in their residences. Occasionally, members who in their student days were in the same Hall of residence while in UI, host monthly meeting. The meetings among other things provide a platform for social interaction, fellowship and networking by members as well as cross fertilisation of ideas through discussion of topical issues.


Recently, the Branch introduced “Pep Talk” into its meetings whereby specialists / experts in their fields of endeavour are invited to give about 20 – minute talk on chosen topics. The talk is thereafter followed by a 10–15 minutes interactive session between the Pep Talk resource person and members of the Branch.  Every month, members of the Branch look forward to Pep Talk with great anticipation.

In view of the foregoing, if you are a Uite within the confines of Enugu State or its environs and you have not been opportuned to join us in our monthly meetings, you surely are missing a lot. Also, if you are a Great Uite in transit around Enugu State, please endeavour to get in touch with us.


Through the years, the UIAA Enugu State Branch has pursued its vision of holding outreach activities designed to add value to humanity and impact on lives of people in our society. For instance, the Branch some years ago made a donation of a Blood Bank Unit to the Park Lane General Hospital, Enugu. It is the tradition of the Branch to hold lectures touching on topical issues affecting the society. Biennially, the Association organizes dinners and award ceremonies to honour its deserving members. Most of the projects the Branch embarks on are geared towards championing the causes of the less privileged in the society. In this regard, it initiated a partnership with University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, UNTH Ituku – Ozalla, Enugu State, Nigeria to mobilise resources towards the procurement of equipment and drugs for the treatment of patients living with sickle cell anaemia free of charge. On regular basis, especially during festive periods such as Christmas and Easter, the members of the Association pay visits to charity homes and donate materials that are of immediate need to the inmates.


The Association can share these programmes/projects with you and perhaps ask you to partner with it to do more. From the inception of the Branch to now, the commitment of its members to the above humanitarian programmes/projects has been unflinching. The efforts made to keep the premier flag flying while enjoying the benefits of the monthly meetings have been worthwhile.


The launching of the UIAA Enugu State Branch website marks a watershed moment for all the members of this Branch. It is congratulations to all and sundry who have made it possible. It would never have come to pass without their invaluable contributions. Suffice it for me to say, welcome once more to a new chapter in the life of the UIAA, Enugu State Branch. Please enjoy your visit to our site.


Yours sincerely,


Sir Sam Umesie





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