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As a body of elite who have passed through the foremost citadel of learning in Nigeria, the University of Ibadan Alumni Association, UIAA, Enugu State Branch in its programme of activities, places very high premium on the expansion of frontiers of knowledge and public enlightenment.  It does this by holding what it designated, Alumni Lecture whereby a distinguished alumnus/alumna of the Branch or any other Branch/Chapter in the country, is nominated to deliver a lecture on a topical issue to an audience comprising the public and all alumni in Enugu and its environs.

Occasionally, an eminent professional or political figure could be invited to deliver such a lecture under the auspices of the UIAA, Enugu State Branch. When this occurs, the nomenclature of the lecture becomes Public Service Lecture.

The intermingling of lecturers from within and without the Association has enabled the Branch to benefit from the intellectual reservoir of the very best personalities from both sides of the divide.

In the over thirty years of existence of this Branch, numerous lectures have so far been delivered. The lectures have literally touched on every conceivable subject. But, as we are unable to lay hands on all of them, we post here below the available ones:



Towards a Stable and Viable Third Republic
- Prof Ukwu I. Ukwu

At a time when the nation finds itself in one of its evolutionary crossroads, the challenge for the alumni lecturer is clearly to join the search for the right direction of advance. My initial reaction to the invitation – jumping in with both feet, as usual – was to offer to speak on the topic: Prospect of the Third Republic. But the rapid unraveling of the transition drama in the last few weeks has made it clear how unpromising are the prospects of successful prophecy, at least for one not gifted with second sight nor pretension to it...Read More


"Radio Without Battery: An Enlightenment Odyssey"
- Ralph Opara m.n.i.

A radio has to be powered, to be useful.  It should have mains or battery power.  In the absence of either source of power, the radio is in no position to deliver any message or give information of any kind. Therefore any news reported to have come from it can only be information manufactured by the teller of the tale.  This is “Radio Without Battery”. It is another name for “fabrication”...Read More (pdf)
















Connecting People to Nature Through Parks and Open Spaces - Millicent Ele

The Role of Referees in Research
- Professor Wilson I. B. Onuigbo

Fighting Lassa Fever Through Community-Based Disease Surveillance in Nigeria - Millicent Ele


Alumni/Public Lectures

Application of the Residency Rule in Nigeria's Tax Administration - Sir Jay Jay G. E. Ezeuko

STRESS - A Global Health Concern
- Prof Nene Elsie Agugua Obianyo

Towards a Stable and Viable Third Republic - Prof Ukwu I. Ukwu

Radio Without Battery
- Ralph Opara

Environmental Determinism
- Dr. J. O. J. Okezie

May it Never Be Said of Us: “These Were Once A Decent and Enlightened People"
- Prof. A. B. C. Nwosu



Economic Effects of Taxation
- G. E. Ezeuko Jnr. SAN

Hand Hygiene
- Prof Nene Obianyo

WILL - Why How and When

Diabetes Mellitus: Risk Factors Prevention and Treatment - Young Ekenechukwu E.

The Surge of Thrombotic Stroke
- Dr. C. C. Nweze

Your Prostate and You
- Dr Ugwumba Fred .O.

Staying Young
- Prof Nene Obianyo



















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