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By Professor Wilson Onuigbo (FMCPath, FRCPath, FRCPGlas, OON)

Our monthly columnist Professor Wilson Onuigbo who is a world renowned Medical Scientist and Scholar with a lot of research findings to his credit, reveals some of his research findings and opinions every month on this column for the benefit of mankind.

Historical Highlights of Medical Education at the Higher College, Yaba, in the 1940s

I was very glad when Prof Obioma Okezie, who doubles up as the Chairman, Local Organizing Committee, and as my “Nwadiani,” informed me of the impending Professor Ogan Memorial Lecture. In this context, poor me, I was actually a Second Year Medical Student at the Higher College, Yaba, when Okoronkwo Ogan was in the Final Year!

Incidentally, I opted to read Medicine in Yaba. Why? It was not because of aiming to give Selfless Service as a doctor, although The Medical Women Association of Nigeria, Enugu Zone, gave me their “Selfless Service Award” in 2002. Rather, I aimed to go there and to survive the gruesome pruning that went on! Apparently, the authorities usually started with some 20 students. Then, they would go on to weed the poor fellows, year after year, until one or two succeeded!

It was still at that stage that some doctors featured. Thus, well known to me was Nwokolo, who happened to be a kinsman, seeing that our mothers were from the same Umuezopi kindred.  What was ominously happening all the time reared its ugly head. Indeed, in their set, only Dr R.E. Onwumere passed. It was in the next examination that Dr Chukuedu Nwokolo himself survived. Thereafter, Dr Ogan breathed the air of success!

Shocking, is it not? Imagine failure among those academic giants. Accordingly, I personally hold fast to the belief that, since medical students are being trained to handle patients humanely, they themselves must face hurdles which are purposely set for success and not for failure! For example, Obi Echedom, one such student failed Pathology here at Enugu. I tried my best as the Dean of Medicine (1986-88) and even went as far as to the Senate. Alas! I failed. Little wonder that, when I became a Visiting Professor, I took him to the Nnewi Medical School. In sum, he eventually became the student who spoke on behalf of the rest during their Graduation Ceremony. To cap it all, he is now a Consultant Ophthalmologist!!

What lesson should be learnt? It is that all should pray for that reasonable academic atmosphere in studentship in the world through the merits of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.



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