University of Ibadan Alumni Association
Enugu State Branch

Visit to Charity Home Programme

The University of Ibadan Association (UIAA), Enugu State Branch has a welfare programme which they carried out every year towards the Christmas period. This welfare programme is titled Visit to Charity Home Programme. The Association has a standing committee that carries out this duty on her behalf. The committee usually appeals to members for donation of cash and materials. Such materials include shoes, dresses and food items. The Association supplements their donation with money, with which the committee goes to the market to buy gift items. The type of items depends on the charity homes to be visited. Some of the charity homes usually visited are Motherless Babies Homes, Old People's Homes, hospitals, Rehabilitation Centres etc.

This committee goes with photographers, media and other members of the Association. The Association spends as much as twenty to fifty thousand Naira or above depending on the homes to be visited. For  a hospital like UNTH, where the Sickle Cell Anemia patients are taken as a project, the Association donates drugs annually to the patients. It has become a tradition that every year, the committee will identify some homes they think that are in dire need and suggest same to the Association that approves or modifies the number of places to be visited. The Association’s name has become a household name in some Charity Homes such as Prisons, Enugu Motherless Babies Home at Ogbete and Emene Rehabilitation Centre. The committee also visits some old members who are incapacitated due to age, or health challenges. Such annual events have popularized the Association.

At the end of visit, the committee submits reports with photographs to the Association: also, some members of the Association on their own individually pay charity visits to some very indigent and less privileged members of the society.












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