University of Ibadan Alumni Association
Enugu State Branch

The parent body of the University of Ibadan Alumni Association, UIAA National in its wisdom instituted the award of honours to selected deserving alumni who belong to the various Branches and Chapters of the Association nationwide and in Diaspora. The honours award is a periodic event.

Most Distinguished Alumnus, MDA, is the highest form of honour/award that can be conferred by the Association on any alumnus of UI.

In essence, the honours/awards constitute the instrumentality through which the Association accords recognition to achievement of excellence and high performance by their recipients in their chosen career as well as their positive contribution to both the society and the UIAA.

A striking feature of the honour/award is that it comes in trickle whenever it is given. This can be appreciated against the backdrop of the fact that out of the many Branches and Chapters of the Association scattered all over the country, there are some where not even a single member has received national honour/award. This is hardly surprising considering the fact that recipients usually are alumni who have made far reaching positive impact on the society.

It is therefore, a thing of joy and an accomplishment of some sorts that in the UIAA, Enugu State Branch, three of its members have on different occasions been decorated with MDA awards.

They are highly esteemed members and you are hereby invited to take a peep into their 'sanctuaries':

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